Blanket of Ash - U.D.M.

sample: I'm not God's or anyone elses creature

bad space - you're a fucking headcase
get your shit out of my face
back off - I don't care about your God
or the book that spreads his word
bullshit - I'm so fucking sick of it
you're all a bunch of fanatical cultists
rewind - see no reason to be kind
you had your chance, now I want mine

I don't believe that your God is dead
I never thought that he was alive
all of you are sinners and fools
get the fuck out of my gene pool

don't believe in Adam and Eve
or the tricks that you have up your sleeve
book of plague - I think you wrote that fucking page
scared straight by your phony God's rage
man's ruin, described by you as a woman
I disagree, I see the problem is religion
no more, you are all money grubbing whores
still fighting old biblical wars