Blanket of Ash - Rotgut

sample: look at the signs

i must follow the high demon
who commands me to kill
speak to me wicked king
i do thy will

six will fall
six will suffer
six will die

carved in the dead man's hands
hail joker - duke of death
i turn children
into killers
i'm alone and nothing

death was Charlie's trip
Charlie said that everything was death
and that death was was life and that death was all
and that death was this, and that death was that
and that death death death, die motherfucker die
everything was death

we are what you made us, exactly
so what, what's the big deal?
five or six people get killed
you all freak out and put it on us
we're just reflecting you back at yourselves

pathetic love spells

sample: if you shoot somebody in the head with a 45
everytime you kill somebody, it becomes like your
fingerprint see? but if you strangle one and stab
another and one you cut up and one you don't, then
the police don't know what to do. they think you're
four different people. what they really like, what
makes their job so much easier, is pattern. what
they call a modus operanda. that's latin, bet you
didn't know I knew latin, did ya? big fucking deal.
what? nothing. it's like a trail of shit, Otis.
it's like the blood droppings from a deer you've
shot and all they've gotta do is follow those
droppings and uh, pretty soon they're gonna find their
deer. why don't we use a gun? you could use a gun.
I'm not saying you can't use a gun, just don't use
the same gun twice.

speak to me harvey
speak to me
command me
i'm waiting
mr. 44
is at your door