Blanket of Ash - Mr. B's Morning

Mr. B was reading the morning paper
there was a story about a man
who had killed his wife
stabbed her to death with a screwdriver
most of the wounds in the head and neck area
then this man had taken their thirteen-year-old daughter
and locked her in a small closet
in an upstairs bedroom of their home
he had kept her alive for three months
feeding her pieces of her dead mother
what the paper didn't say
was that this man had raped his young daughter
several times during the three month period
and for the last three weeks
before he had finally been found out
he had been letting a friend of his take turns
on her for thirteen dollars a pop
one dollar for each year of her life

Mr. B sat back from his breakfast
he began envisioning a sexual encounter
between two of the women that worked in his office
Erica, a short brunette who had recently gone blond
for the purposes of this fantasy however
Mr. B willed her to stay dark haired
and Samantha, a tall red-head with a high, tight ass
in his mind, they were almost completely naked
as they stroked and licked one another
on Mr. B's own rust colored sofa
Erica had on a pair of clean white
canvas sneakers with a thick rubber sole
Samantha wore a pair of dirty black
leather boots with a thick heel
the boots were knee-high and had a zipper that went
from the ankle to the top

sample: no, don't mourn him
-- he was dead long before we ever touched him

in the shower, Mr. B. began
to fear his balls might fall off
the anatomy which held the sack to his body
seemed inadequately flimsy
he imagined they would separate from his body
slowly stretching like taffy
and then break and fall with a slow wet thupp
although Mr. B. didn't imagine this would hurt much
nor bleed, the thought made him feel nauseous

Mr. B. hears music, he wonders how long it will be
before he hears voices
someone is knocking at the door