Blanket of Ash - holywaterstillbirth

sample: the angels are everywhere
-- oh, it's time those fuckers came out of hiding

I've been touched by an angel
and the silk was so slimy
it left an oil slick on me
that slithered behind me

turned me to a slug
and I shrank salted to the ground
weighed not a pound
but holding fast
my mind clung to every sound
for seven centuries past
I spread like pollen in the wind
until at least, once again
I found a body to defend
I held it like a fortress
to keep out the army
thought they fought for your salvation
I knew they would harm me
men died against my walls
but I waited for the angel
men threw their guns and walked away
their brothers so mangled
peace and meditation
felt dead instead of holy
without man the devil is lonely

I've come to fight the mercenaries
defend my barricade
somehow I've become the hunted
the prey that spits grenades

I sat alone for twenty years
until I finally made a baby
the angel reappeared
and so I thought had come to save me
instead took up my child
and held him to his belly
I saw my baby sweat
and saw him then submerged in jelly
saw him slip into a fluid sack
no longer breathing
thirty-four infant beasts of hell
who'd just begun their teething